2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG® Vehicles

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG® in Alexandria

It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz is an automaker that puts a high value on details and craftsmanship. Performance and luxury are central tenets of every Mercedes-Benz design. For those looking to attain an even higher degree of power behind the wheel, though, there’s the Mercedes-Benz AMG® lineup.

So, what sets the AMG® vehicles at our Alexandria Mercedes-Benz dealership apart?

Mercedes-Benz AMG® Inventory


Muscle meets efficiency thanks to the futuristic power delivery systems built into the Mercedes-Benz AMG® line at our Alexandria dealership. The secret is the marriage of powerful AMG® engines and advanced AMG® transmissions, which are then paired to the unparalleled AMG® Performance 4MATIC® all-wheel drive system.

Under the hood, power is created by one of a series of incredible advanced engines. Current AMG® vehicles are built around motors including:

  • 2.0L inline 4 turbo
  • 3.0L V6 biturbo
  • 4.0L dry sump V8 biturbo
  • 4.0L V8 biturbo
  • 5.5L V8 biturbo
  • 6.0L V12 biturbo

The result is blistering power that’s perfectly paired with supple control and handling.


All of that power is seamlessly blended with designs that capture the feeling of motion. With sharpened profiles and sleek lines, these vehicles encapsulate the raw essence of the power they contain.

Even before the engine turns over, you’ll find yourself captivated by the aggressive styling and wider wheel arches of these performance-inspired vehicles. Wide stances and lower bodywork not only look supremely athletic, but act it, too, with enhanced aerodynamics and increased grip on the road below.


The current AMG® line is the result of over 700 Mercedes-Benz development experts working toward a single goal–perfection. The AMG® Design Center in Affalterbach is the genesis of these unrivaled performance vehicles, and the team behind them is truly committed to crafting living art in these vehicles.

AMG® Design Center in Affalterbach

Whether you’re shopping for a sedan, coupe, convertible, roadster, SUV, or wagon bearing the AMG® insignia, you can always get behind the wheel with confidence knowing that your vehicle has been crafted to meet a standard that you simply will not find anywhere else.

If you find yourself drawn to the unsurpassed luxury and power of the AMG® lineup, then it’s time to visit Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria for a test drive. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (703) 341-2100. We’re here to help you claim the raw power and beauty that you deserve.

Mercedes-Benz AMG® Inventory