Lease Return Center

Your lease-end is just the beginning of many exciting options.

Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria is an Official Lease Return Center for your Mercedes-Benz Vehicle.

To ensure you have a seamless lease-end experience, we have developed a process called The First Class Finish. Designed for your convenience, it is a simple and straightforward way to understand your options and responsibilities at lease-end.

1. Return your vehicle.
Please remember to bring your maintenance booklet, owner’s manual, both sets of keys, tool kit, and any other accessories provided at lease inception when you return your vehicle.

2. Extend your lease.
You may be eligible to extend your lease. Contact the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Lease Maturity Department at 888-690-9357 or Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria to see if you qualify.

3. Purchase your vehicle.
Any time during your lease, you can pay off your vehicle or finance the purchase price by contacting the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Lease Maturity Department.*

*Subject to credit approval; as allowed by your state’s law. Not all vehicles are eligible.


Returning Your Vehicle

If you choose to return your vehicle, the following steps will help you prepare for turning it in at Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria.

At three month prior to lease-end:

1. Contact one of our Leasing Professional to schedule a Vehicle Condition Review, which will prepare you for the final lease-end inspection.
Lease Pre-Inspection Button.png
2. During your Vehicle Condition Review, discuss (if applicable) the cost of any excess wear and use, and review the option of repairing damage or replacing items before you return your vehicle.
3. Check out the new line of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and ask your Leasing Professional about the attractive Mercedes-Benz Financial Services lease or finance offerings.
4. Schedule your final vehicle return and inspection with your Mercedes-Benz Leasing Professional by calling 888-690-9357 or click below.

At turn-in:

1.Bring the maintenance booklet, owner’s manual, both sets of keys, tool kit, and any other accessories provided at lease inception.
2. Have your vehicle’s condition evaluated by Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria. Afterwards, Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria will generate a Vehicle Inspection Report describing the vehicle’s condition and any excess wear and use charges.
3. Sign the Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement confirming the final total mileage on your vehicle.
4. Review your maturity bill* and, if applicable, pay any outstanding charges.
5. Receive a Vehicle Return Package from Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria. This will include your signed Federal Odometer Statement, the Vehicle Inspection Report, and final maturity bill.*

Download Lease End Guide

*Exclusions may apply. Final maturity bill may not be available.