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Comfort, refinement, and exquisite performance are all features you crave in a luxury vehicle, and you know that you’ll find them all at our Mercedes-Benz dealership convenient to Washington DC. But what about efficiency? After all, time spent fueling up is time that you’re not enjoying the smooth, responsive performance of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

To help you conserve fuel and reduce your emissions, the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles at our showroom convenient to Washington DC are equipped with ECO-START®/Stop as a standard feature. So, how does it work?

What Does ECO-START®/Stop Do?

To save fuel, ECO-START®/Stop automatically turns off the engine when your vehicle comes to a complete stop. This includes situations like traffic lights and heavy traffic. When you take your foot off the brake the engine is automatically started again, picking up right where you left off when you hit the gas without missing a beat.

What Are the Benefits of ECO-START®/Stop?

ECO-Start®/Stop is beneficial to drivers because it reduces their fuel usage and emissions, helping them to minimize fuel costs while also helping the environment. Better yet, the system is fully automated so that you reap the rewards without ever having to change your driving habits.

Can I Turn ECO-START®/Stop Off?

In some situations, ECO-START®/Stop may not be ideal. In scenarios like these, including when you’re stopped on an incline, when the engine temperature isn’t ideal, or when you need cabin climate control to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, the smart ECO-START®/Stop system knows not to engage and will allow the engine to continue running while your vehicle is stopped.

If, for whatever reason, you want to turn ECO-START®/Stop off altogether, you can. Simply push the button to turn the system off or back on again. This button is located either below the ignition button or on the center console, depending on the model of vehicle you drive.

To learn more about your vehicle’s smart systems, including ECO-START®/Stop, be sure to contact the team at Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria by calling (703) 341-2100. We’re here to help ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle.

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