What is CASE?

Mercedes-Benz believes that there are four concepts to the world of driving: Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, and Electric. These words make up CASE, the new initiative by Mercedes-Benz. These four concepts are going to power your Mercedes-Benz car of the future, and are currently being used in cars today. Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria in North Virginia is here to explain exactly what CASE is, and what it means for your driving experience.

CASE Initiative in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles in North Virginia


The first letter in CASE stands for connected. Within this branch, you’ll find innovative technology such as remote start, locking and unlocking features, and the ability to monitor your vehicle through your phone with notifications. The MBUX system brings drivers essential features like navigation, entertainment, and vehicle performance. With built in Artificial Intelligence, your car will learn your personal preferences and will adapt to new information.


For the letter A, we have autonomous. This new form of driving is lauded by many manufacturers and drivers, and proves to be the next big step in futuristic driving. Self-driving cars will allow commuters to make the most out of their drive with autonomous adapted safety technology. Features such as PRESAFE®, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC®, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keep Assist, and Autonomous Emergency Braking will have Mercedes-Benz drivers enjoying the journey with peace of mind.

Shared & Services

S stands for both shared & services. Whether you own, lease, or share your Mercedes-Benz, you’ll have the ability to access the apps and partnerships that can be shared, such as warranty, infotainment, companies that have exclusive partnerships, and deals and specials within Mercedes-Benz. This allows ridesharing services and short-term rentals to experience all that Mercedes-Benz has to offer.


Last but not least, E stands for electric. The fully-electric lineup of Mercedes-Benz vehicles includes the EQ, EQ Power and EQ Power+. These vehicles strive to be the best cars in the world as well as the best cars for the world. Mercedes-Benz hopes to create battery-base, electric smart cars that are both efficient and reliable.

If you’re interested in learning more about the CASE initiative and what it means for Mercedes-Benz, contact us at our North Virginia Mercedes-Benz dealer today.

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