Navigation & Destination Planning

Navigation & Destination Planning

More time to enjoy Point B.

We think you’ll agree there are far more appealing ways to spend your time than sitting in traffic or driving around in circles. Accordingly, mbrace® Navigation & Destination Planning services are designed to help you avoid potential delays and get to the things that matter to you just that much faster.

mbrace® Navigation & Destination Planning Services

Send2Benz™ allows the customer to remotely send a destination to their Mercedes-Benz in-vehicle navigation system. There are four tools customers can use to send destinations to their vehicles:1. mbrace® Mobile Application version 3 (Available on the iPhone; Click here to download)
2. mbrace® Browser Toolbar Widget (Click here to learn more and download)
4. Search & Send™ (via Google Maps™)*

Send2Benz also includes an innovative networking feature called Drive2Friend™, which allows the customer to request a “friend’s” current location to be sent to their navigation system. Drive2Friend is accessible on the mbrace® Mobile Application and the Send2Benz website.

mbrace® PLUS additional Navigation & Destination Planning Services

Point of Interest Destination Download*
Plan routes on the fly with accurate directions to any of the more than 15 million Points of Interest (POIs) – such as nearby restaurants or gas stations – in the mbrace® database. Just push the i-Button in your vehicle, and you’ll be connected to an mbrace® Customer Specialist, who will assist you in selecting the POI that best meets your needs and transmit its address to your navigation system. (1) Then you can use the navigation system to generate a route to your POI based on the vehicle’s current location.
Route Assistance
Available 24 hours a day to help you reach your intended destination or find a nearby Point of Interest (POI) – such as a restaurant, retail store or gas station – Route Assistance provides the confidence of accurate directions and the assurance of a live voice should you lose your way. With a push of the i-Button in your Mercedes-Benz, you’ll be connected to an mbrace® Customer Specialist who can provide assistance based on your vehicle’s current location.
Location-Based Traffic
Using the most comprehensive traffic data in the country, mbrace® can deliver real-time alerts and information about congestion in your vehicle’s vicinity – or along up to 20 preferred routes – by phone, text message, email or the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.(2) Simply save your settings, preferences and preferred routes online in the password-protected mbrace® portal, and let Location-Based Traffic take care of the rest.
Location-Based Weather
By pressing the i-Button in your Mercedes-Benz and selecting “Weather” using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you can listen to a variety of reports tailored to your vehicle’s position, including current conditions, a 12-hour forecast and any severe weather warnings for the area.

Safety & SecurityConvenience

(1) Available for vehicles equipped with Mercedes-Benz mbrace® and Navigation.
(2) Traffic data is provided by a third party and can change quickly. Data may not always be 100% accurate.*Service is available on COMAND and mbrace® equipped MY 2007 and newer S-Class and CL-Class; MY 2008 and later C-Class; and MY 2009 and newer, all vehicles except for Maybach, SLR and CLK