Fewer bumps on the road ahead.

Often, small nuisances – such as looking for misplaced keys, resetting a clock or making a last-minute reservation – can become large stumbling blocks. Fortunately, mbrace® Convenience services provide a number of ways to smooth out the unexpected potholes that can disrupt even the best-planned day.

mbrace® Convenience Services

Remote Door Lock
A unique service designed to help eliminate the uneasy feeling that you may have left your vehicle unlocked, Remote Door Lock enables you to secure your Mercedes-Benz from virtually anywhere by phone, online or with the mbrace® Mobile Application on a supported smartphone.(1) Whichever option you choose, your identity will be verified with a preset Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the Mercedes-Benz mbrace® Response Center will notify you when the Remote Door Lock service has been completed via email, text message or phone call, according to your preference.
Remote Door Unlock
Enabling you to unlock your Mercedes-Benz from virtually anywhere without a key, Remote Door Unlock can be initiated by phone, online or with the mbrace® Mobile Application on a supported smartphone. Whichever method you choose, your identity will be verified with a preset Personal Identification Number (PIN) and you will be required to press and hold the trunk latch until your vehicle accepts the unlock command – a step that provides additional security and also gives you the option to set a time period in which your vehicle can be unlocked remotely.
Vehicle Finder
Allowing you to view the location of your vehicle on a supported smartphone using the mbrace® Mobile Application, the Vehicle Finder feature requests the GPS coordinates of both your Mercedes-Benz and your mobile device – and then generates a map showing your position relative to your vehicle. As long as you’re within one mile of the vehicle and accurate GPS coordinates can be determined, you and your Mercedes-Benz will be able to find each other once again.
Dealer Connect
By pressing the i-Button in your Mercedes-Benz and selecting “Dealer Connect” from the audible options presented by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you’ll be put in touch with an mbrace® Customer Specialist. Armed with data transmitted by your vehicle and information obtained from you, the Customer Specialist will then contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer with you on the line, navigate any automated phone menus, and drop off the call so that you can have a private conversation with dealership personnel.
Vehicle Information
Whether it’s help with setting the clock in your Mercedes-Benz or a question about maintenance, mbrace® Vehicle Information service will ensure you get the answers you need. Just press the i-Button in your Mercedes-Benz, select the “Vehicle Information” option using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, and you´ll be connected to a Customer Care Specialist at the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center.

mbrace® PLUS additional Convenience Services

Mercedes-Benz Concierge
Giving you access to specially trained mbrace® Customer Specialists who provide personal assistance 24/7 at the touch of a button, Mercedes-Benz Concierge service can fulfill requests ranging from making airline, hotel or dinner reservations, to securing event tickets or choosing the ideal gift. (2) Simply push the i-Button in your vehicle, select “Concierge” using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, and Mercedes-Benz Concierge will be at your service in a matter of seconds. Mercedes-Benz Concierge is also available on the Mobile Application version 2 compatible with the iPhone. This offers personalized concierge services for customers on the go even while away from your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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(1) Remote Door Lock is only available on Model Year 2007 and later S-Class, Model Year 2007 and later CL-Class, Model Year 2008 and later C-Class, Model Year 2010 and later GLK and Model Year 2010 and later E-Class Coupe and Sedan. Subscriber Agreement required for service to be active. Service operates only where cellular and Global Positioning Satellite are available.
(2) Mercedes-Benz Concierge is available with the Mercedes-Benz mbrace® PLUS Package only. Concierge services are accessible only by pressing the i-Button in equipped vehicles.